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How Neurolens Can Help

Do you often experience dry eyes, headaches, and neck pain after spending hours on digital devices? Digital eye strain might be the culprit—and Neurolens might be the solution you need.

Neurolens is a contoured prism eyeglass lens designed to help correct eye misalignment and the associated symptoms of eye strain. The lenses are made with technology that can assess how your eyes work together to focus on and track digital screens.Reach out to us to schedule your appointment and learn more about Neurolens from our eye doctors at Seal Beach Eyes in California.

Neurolens Offers Relief from Eye Strain, Neck Pain, & Headaches

Neurolens glasses can help enhance your digital comfort by tackling the root causes of eye strain brought on by screen use. Unlike traditional glasses that merely correct vision issues, Neurolens can address the challenges of prolonged screen time by helping your eyes work together.

Neurolens can help with symptoms like:

  • Recurring headaches and migraines
  • Eye strain and fatigue
  • Dizziness
  • Dry eyes
  • Neck and shoulder discomfort

The Technology & Advantages of Neurolens Glasses 

Neurolens glasses do more than just help correct your vision. They incorporate technology to deal with a significant cause of modern eye discomfort: digital eye strain.

By targeting a common underlying factor—eye misalignment—Neurolens contoured prism lenses can provide a tailored solution for people who want relief from headaches, neck pain, and other symptoms related to digital device use.

How Neurolenses Combat Digital Eye Strain

Digital devices can cause strain on our eyes because of the need to constantly focus and refocus between screens and our surroundings. Neurolens glasses lenses are made using peripheral vision data that helps expand the field of view they can support and enhance their ability to reduce the effort required to focus on digital screens.

Understanding Eye Misalignment

Minor misalignments in your eye coordination can contribute to digital eye strain. These misalignments can slow your eyes’ ability to work together and focus on near objects for long periods of time. Neurolens can address these misalignments and help reduce symptoms of eye strain with lenses designed to promote better eye coordination.

The Neurolens Evaluation

We can assess your suitability for Neurolens during your next comprehensive eye examination. The evaluation we provide may include:

  • A thorough discussion of your digital device usage and visual symptoms
  • A complete eye health assessment to check for any underlying eye conditions
  • An evaluation of your eye coordination and focusing ability to identify any potential misalignments contributing to digital eye strain

Based on the assessment results, we can determine if Neurolens is suitable for you and discuss the potential benefits you can expect.

Find Out if Neurolens Is Right for You

You shouldn’t have to compromise on your comfort! Neurolens contoured prism lenses can address a root cause of digital eye strain to help you achieve clear and comfortable vision throughout your busy day. 

Book an appointment with Seal Beach Eyes today to learn more about how Neurolens glasses can restore your visual comfort.

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